Cats I've met

This almost feral cat used to live in my Grandma's house. Caused general havoc with upsetting milk amon other shenanigans. But she kept the place clear of mice, which our family was grateful for.
My Zorro loved this beginner cat tree we had and had many an intense nap on it.
This was in the first week that I got Zorro. He loved sleeping on my warn laptop. My heart would just melt!
Zorro used to be so tiny, he would get inside the helmet and guard it like it was his little den!
Kitty Zorro was always in for a good petting session.
Two lovelies that were sleeping on a sack of something on a chilly day near Munnar
Met this little guy when we visited Sathod falls.
This was one ballsy cat :P
Such a beauty!
I think this was the inimitable Minnu!
My friend had this cat which laid kittens every 4-5 months in his house.
Stray kittens on a serendipitous day
My Puche!
This young un loved to climb trees!
Of course, this one hated to be held that way. What an affront!
Puche owning my easy-chair
In Amsterdam's Flying pigs hostel
On the streets on Amsterdam
Blacky all relaxed!
A kitty near the supermarket in HSR
Puche loved to watch me cook atop the refridgerator
Puche clicking himself a selfie!
A lick-lick here
Puche on a closeup!
These two cats we fed at the local bakery.