As simple as an AST
I got invited to talk at this fabulous conference. It was one of the most enjoyable tech community experiences I have had. I met really cool people, who have later become friends too. My talk garnered a lot of appreciation and even established me as an expert in codemods and asts in general.
JSHeroes in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Deep Dive into Rxjs Observables
This was my first conference talk. It came out of a small search service that I built internally at Flipkart. I got obsessed with the stream way of programming. I find it a little cumbersome now, but at that time it gave me some functional fundamentals that I will never forget.
JSFoo in Bangalore, India
React with Reason
This was the first talk that the organisers invited me to without me asking them. It was such a surreal experience to share stage with awesome people from the Javascript world. I was completly star struck
Zeit Day in Berlin, Germany
Redux with AngularJs
This talk was about the work I did in a legacy application I was working on in Flipkart. It was an Angular application that desperately needed some facelift. To make it more manageable, I added redux to it, which really improved its workflow.
Angular connect in London, England
Webpack Unpacked
A short history on Module bundlers with an introduction to Webpack
JSChannel in Bangalore, India
React Call Return
A look into some experimental React API
Front End Forum, Atlassian in Sydney, Australia
Modern Javascript
An Introduction to Modern Javascript trends for Javascript Devs
Girls Who Javascript Meetup in Bangalore, India
Jest - Introduction
An Introduction to Jest for developers who know Testing in Javascript
Workshop for Team-mates in Sydney, Australia
React Redux
Teaching React and Redux
Workshop for Team-mates in Bangalore, India
A dive into Emberjs framework internals
Bangalore Javascript Meetup in Bangalore, India